Beaching About

Exploring a new terrain by the coast

I have just returned from a little sojourn near where the Professor spent his final few months. I stayed with his daughter (the Artist) and her husband (the Gardener) and enjoyed a few restful days away from Tye and my new London friends.

Talking with Sheep

I mainly took the opportunity to relax in their lovely home and wander through their extensive grounds. I did try to interact with the animals they have in their care but cats and frogs are not natural companions, I found the chickens a little too simple and the sheep were frankly just rude. Here you can see them turning their backs as I tried to engage in discussion. I do need to encourage the Gardener to include a pond so I can assist with the education of the next generation of frogs in that part of the world.

img_2949.jpgWe had one interesting day trip, to the seaside, it was my first experience of a beach and I am still in two minds as to the merit of the whole thing. As the water is full of salt I was not going to risk a swim as I felt it may have an adverse reaction on my constitution. However there were some pleasant grass areas that held some merit and I was intrigued but the tidal forces.


The Artist and I took a stroll (while the Gardener snoozed) along the shore to a pier which was full of holiday makers ‘crabbing’. I wasn’t entirely sure of the purpose of this, they didn’t seem to be befriending these creatures just holding as many of them as they could in very small buckets. I must remember to question the Artist on this further next time we converse.


I did encounter some very interesting people based at the end of the pier whose job it is to go out in boats and help anyone who has gotten themselves into mischief out in the water. I thought this was a very nobble endeavour and was happy to pose for a fun photo in their waterproof outfits.

img_2971On our return journey we stopped at a local hostelry for some gaseous pond water. I was also introduced to a new delicacy, battered whitebait, which I am told is quite common to these types of establishment. I must admit to being sceptical at first, as fish are normally not in a frogs dietary repertoire, but I was assured of their small size, more like a worm or large grasshopper, so I was persuaded to try and I must say I was very taken. If you haven’t had the opportunity to try them yet I would highly recommend you seek them out.

A famous birthday date

My first birthday outing in London

I share my birthday with another famous George, the patron saint of England. Living with the Professor we always marked the occasion with a party and I shall recant tales of some of those at a later date. Today I want to tell you about my first celebration with my new hosts, R&B. IMG_0032

I was treated to a lovely afternoon out, with my nephew Tye, at a local parkland which allowed me to reconnect with my pond roots. It was a wonderful opportunity to speak with the resident tadpoles and R&B left us with them for a while allowing me to impart some of my experiences on them.

After the park we headed for a local watering hole for the obligatory birthday supping of gaseous pond water, and raised a glass to our dearly departed Professor. Although R&B declined this delicacy on this occasion, and instead drank ‘standard’ fizz, I believe I will convert them before too long.Birthday cake

We also sampled various of the sweet treats on offer which were interesting, but as none contained fly, it was quite a different experience for my palette.

While the celebrations were not as grand as my birthdays with the Professor I feel R&B did well introducing me to aspects of their world and some of the local London experiences. I look forward to many more experiences with them.