Horsing Around

This weekend I enjoyed a throughly excellent time away in the country.

As well as exploring my new environment and familiarising myself with the local amphibians, I added a new activity to my repertoire – horse riding!

The feeling is really elating; the wind rushing past ones ‘ears’, the power of the horse below you and the speed at which you travel when the horse isn’t held back.

I must however admit to initially being rather intimidated by the size difference, but once we had introduced ourselves and taken a few turns around the practice area we were fast friends.

We have already arranged for my next sojourn which I am looking forward to immensely!

Riding in the country this weekend


Hello, Ty here, I’ve managed to sneak onto Uncle George’s blog while he is busy!

I just wanted to show you this great puzzle I helped with over Christmas as I don’t think the humans could have done it without my sharp night vision spotting matching bits as we worked into the cold, dark evenings.

This is us while it was a work in progress (the morning after a long session!)img_5544

And here’s me with it all finished!img_5557

Christmas Giving

Yesterday Ty and I got thoroughly involved with the Christmas celebrations of our hosts.

Tradition for them is that one person is designated as the official present distributor, with each person in attendance receiving a present per round and then they take it in turns to open their presents and view what the others have received.

I fully immersed myself in the role this year and even got the appropriate attire for the duty.

Find out more about the history of Santa Claus.

Fancy Footwork

As you will be aware I have been keeping an eye out whilst my travels for other examples of amphibians making their way in the world beyond the pond.

On one outing recently I discovered this rather amusing representation of someone I can only assume is new to the wider world thinking his is getting acquainted with members of the opposite sex.

Hello Ladies

Garden Dweller

A friendly chap has made himself at home in the garden of the Dancer and the Runner over the course of the summer.

Francis in the Garden

I have invited him on a number of occasions to join me in the house but he has stated he is not one for domestic life. However we do converse on a regular basis and have been sharing stories of our experiences in London.

Interestingly his name is Francis, as was the Professors, so I have also been regaling him with tales of my time with him too. This trip down memory lane has been emotional but rewarding and I’m now inclined to share these more widely, so you may see a few featuring here in due course.

Ambitious Amphibians

Rainforest Cafe KingMy new, more active life in London has led me to seek out others of my species who have ventured far from their pond beginnings to see what we can learn from each other. My search has uncovered some truly remarkable specimens! These are just a couple of the new acquaintances I have made here.

There is an amazing family of frogs that have set up a eating and shopping emporium where travellers to London are surrounded by rainforest sights and sounds. They are very keen to promote amphibian-human relations and so when each new generation reaches the age of independence they find someone, usually a child, with whom they can go and live.

I may discuss with the Dancer about inviting one of them to visit us, I feel having another young frog around would be good for Ty.

I was very impressed when I discovered a fairly young tree frog had established a successful drinking establishment in an area I’m told is considered quite trendy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay long enough to sample the offerings available but I hope to return and explore both the area and the menu before long.