A famous birthday date

My first birthday outing in London

I share my birthday with another famous George, the patron saint of England. Living with the Professor we always marked the occasion with a party and I shall recant tales of some of those at a later date. Today I want to tell you about my first celebration with my new hosts, the Dancer and the Runner. IMG_0032

I was treated to a lovely afternoon out, with my nephew Ty, at a local parkland which allowed me to reconnect with my pond roots. It was a wonderful opportunity to speak with the resident tadpoles and R&B left us with them for a while allowing me to impart some of my experiences on them.

After the park we headed for a local watering hole for the obligatory birthday supping of gaseous pond water, and raised a glass to our dearly departed Professor. Although the Dancer and the Engineer declined this delicacy on this occasion, and instead drank ‘standard’ fizz, I believe I will convert them before too long.

img_0034.jpgWe also sampled various of the sweet treats on offer which were interesting, but as none contained fly, it was quite a different experience for my palette.

While the celebrations were not as grand as my birthdays with the Professor I feel the Dancer and the Engineer did well introducing me to aspects of their world and some of the local London experiences. I look forward to many more experiences with them.