Ambitious Amphibians

Rainforest Cafe KingMy new, more active life in London has led me to seek out others of my species who have ventured far from their pond beginnings to see what we can learn from each other. My search has uncovered some truly remarkable specimens! These are just a couple of the new acquaintances I have made here.

There is an amazing family of frogs that have set up a eating and shopping emporium where travellers to London are surrounded by rainforest sights and sounds. They are very keen to promote amphibian-human relations and so when each new generation reaches the age of independence they find someone, usually a child, with whom they can go and live.

I may discuss with the Dancer about inviting one of them to visit us, I feel having another young frog around would be good for Ty.

I was very impressed when I discovered a fairly young tree frog had established a successful drinking establishment in an area I’m told is considered quite trendy. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay long enough to sample the offerings available but I hope to return and explore both the area and the menu before long.



Waterlily Wonders

For my birthday this year I had a new experience – an outing to the National Gallery.

The specific objective of the visit was to view the art works of a chap I was told was quite a leader in his field as a key member of a group known as the Impressionists.

I throughly enjoyed the whole exhibition, it was very pleasurable seeing his take on some key London landmarks I have come to greatly appreciate since my move here.

However the highlight for me had to be this water based image which reminded me of my younger days.

I am now very keen to visit the property in France that inspired Monet to produce it.