Waterlily Wonders

For my birthday this year I had a new experience – an outing to the National Gallery.

The specific objective of the visit was to view the art works of a chap I was told was quite a leader in his field as a key member of a group known as the Impressionists.

I throughly enjoyed the whole exhibition, it was very pleasurable seeing his take on some key London landmarks I have come to greatly appreciate since my move here.

However the highlight for me had to be this water based image which reminded me of my younger days.

I am now very keen to visit the property in France that inspired Monet to produce it.

Australia Adventures pt 4: Beautiful Botanic Gardens

I told you how I enjoyed the gardens in Melbourne, well I was even more astounded by the offering in Adelaide. Whilst I don’t think they were necessarily more extensive their Victorian counterpart, there was something superior about the layout and offering in general. img_3825-1.jpg

The water features were greatly varied from lakes to waterfalls and fountains. I was particularly enamoured by giant Lilly pool tucked away in greenhouse. I actually took the opportunity to recline momentarily and breath in the smells (and I must admit I did also sample a few flies while I was at it!